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Discover why overthinking is keeping you broke and burnt out and how you can flip your ‘decision switch’ on to give you back your time, energy and unlimited levels of freedom and joy.
2 Sep 2020 Wednesday
11am AEST
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So let me table this right upfront. Overthinking is NOT normal.

It is a ‘modern mental disease’ that is keeping you from accessing your full potential and purpose.

If there was a symptoms list on Dr Google to self-diagnose overthinking, it’d probably say something like this:


A sufferer of overthinking will likely experience some or all of the following:

  • Radically depleted energy bordering on burnout

  • Constant ‘wheel spinning’ but getting nowhere

  • Persistent money worries

  • Time disappearing

  • Sensations of ‘groundhog day’ 

  • Minimal traces of love, joy or freedom will be present


I struggled with overthinking too. I lost a couple of decades of my life to it (yes, decades!).

I was indecisive about the kind of partner I wanted and ended up in the wrong relationships and stayed in them way longer than I should have.

I invested a truckload of time, energy and bulk money into businesses that I told myself I ‘had to keep doing’ because I couldn’t make the decision to walk away. 

I took jobs I didn’t want to do, to pay the bills for things that (I discovered later) weren’t important.

I said yes when I meant NO and NO when I meant yes.

I couldn’t even decide which restaurant, movie or meeting place I wanted to go to. Ever heard yourself saying ‘You decide’, then become annoyed at what was decided for you? 

Two decades LOST in overthinking every big and small decision and living in a fear-induced state of reaction or inaction (which meant NO action). 

Two decades LOST of not living in my joy, purpose or fullest potential. And most importantly not living the life I always knew deep down I wanted.

The truth is (that I couldn’t admit back then) is that I sold my soul every day because
I was trapped in the overthinking ‘lie’ that there was a right or wrong decision to make.

So let me ask... How much of this applies to you?

  • You regularly have the thought ‘This is not how I thought my life would be’.

  • You have always felt you are here to do something ‘big’ but also know you are not doing it.

  • You are settling for a relationship because it’s better than no relationship or it’s ‘too hard’ to deal with leaving (be honest).

  • Five or ten years ago you said things would be different and they are still the same.

  • You say to yourself often ‘I don’t know how’.

  • You dread the ‘soul sucking’ Sunday night feeling of ‘here we go again’.

  • There is a ‘heaviness or tightness’ in your stomach more often than not.

  • Life looks ‘easy’ for everyone else.

  • You go from high energy to low energy to no energy on a ‘rinse and repeat’ cycle.

  • You get excited about a new project or idea and either don’t start it, don’t finish it, or you make yourself finish it to prove a point (after all, what would people think if you didn’t, right?).

  • Some days, getting out of bed is just SO hard even though there is no reason for not wanting to.



You see, most of the time I wasn’t even aware I was overthinking.


I was unconsciously always in my head, locked in an argument with myself trying to make the ‘right’ decision.

Can you relate to this too?


How do you make your decisions?

Maybe you make them really slowly like I did?

Maybe you don’t make them at all – I did this too! I actually would soothe myself with the notion ‘things will sort themselves out’.  (NEWSFLASH! This is still a decision!)

Or maybe, like me,  you wait until your backs against the wall, the car is about to run out of petrol or worse, you’re down to your last dollar. Then, you HAVE to make a decision.

But here’s the thing about that.

You are not actually creating the life you want, you’re just moving away from the crap you don’t want.


When I discovered what I am going to share with you in this LIVE training,
everything in my life changed.

And before you roll your eyes and wonder if I’m just going to give you some feel-good fluff and tell you to just think positive thoughts, I’m not.

In fact, I won’t EVER do that. I tried that for many years and it just doesn’t work.

These days I consciously integrate the knowledge I’ve learned. That’s why I don’t need to rely on rah rah motivation to keep me ‘loving my life’.  But until I learned how to embody this information, I just continued to overthink.

You see it’s not about ‘thinking’ at all. It’s about ‘unthinking’.
But no one ever tells you this or how to do it, right? 


Hear me out.

It is YOU but it is also, not YOU.

Here’s what I mean.

Overthinking comes from an unconscious pattern that runs on autopilot in all of us.


Until you can identify your pattern, you won't break the habit of overthinking.

Here's why? Your pattern is creating the problems that are causing the overthinking.

Solution? Make peace with your pattern and goodbye overthinking!


When I finally saw my pattern, WOAH! Everything changed!

I can show you how to identify your pattern so you can do this too.

In this LIVE training I am going to show you how to go from decision hater to ‘soul-aligned decision maker’.

​In this live training, you will learn:

  • Why you struggle with making decisions and how to easily flip your ‘decision switch’ on.

  • The two biggest costs (that no one talks about) and how to stop paying the price. 

  • Uncover the subconscious pattern that’s been making all your decisions (it’s not YOU!).

  • Identify the three sneaky ways your pattern hijacks you from your heart and puts you back into overthinking and why you need to know what to look for and how to stop it happening.

  • The simple five step process I use every day, that only takes 60 seconds, that will interrupt your overthinking instantly.

  • Experience a LIVE S.E.L.F Activation to meet your ‘overthinker’ and reclaim control of your thoughts and actions.

You will receive:

  • Full access to this 90-minute LIVE training.

  • Full access to Q&A opportunity.

  • Lifetime access to a recording of the LIVE Training

  • A 9 Page PDF detailing the Five step process to break the habit of overthinking

Imagine that every YES and every NO was as easy as breathing in and breathing out.


(and you didn’t have to freak out that you would ‘upset’ someone or miss out on something).

Imagine how easy your life would be if you could ‘never get it wrong’.

And more so, how epic would your life be if you knew that you could ONLY get it right?! 

You’d never hesitate to make a decision again, right?


My teachings are part brain science, part modern psychology and part ancient wisdom and will take you out of your head (which we can all agree hasn’t worked so far) and instead integrate your consciousness with your 'pattern free' heart intelligence. 

I decided to put this training together because so many people wanted to know how I stopped overthinking every decision (which had me burnt out and broke) to living a soul-aligned life where I do what I love and love what I do (every single day!). 

All of this is available to you for the one time investment of $97

INCLUDING lifetime access to the replay and A FREE copy of my eBook!

Join me in this LIVE Training and break the habit of overthinking.

Go from ‘decision hater' to 'powerful decision-maker

and create the soul-aligned life you will fall in love with every day. 

PS.  There’s no risk either. If you complete the LIVE training with me and are not completely satisfied that you have the tools to interrupt your overthinking, you can request a full refund.

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