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The only thing that separates a good result from a mind blowing, life altering, holy heck ‘I can’t unknow’ this transformation for your clients, is a powerful question asked at the most precise time!


And an empowered and precise question can also become the difference between a flow of word-of-mouth referrals or joining a list of coaches that ‘weren’t able to help.’


What you will recieve here is a carefully crafted list of 'mindset shifting' coaching questions, broken down into three categories (I call these the three 'S's of Coaching), which will enable you to support your clients to blow the boundaries of the limitations of their present perspectives and circumstances and gain the ability to recognise, own, and investigate the minute hidden details that might be unconsciously blocking a path forward.



Think of it like a 'coaching question cheat sheet' to have on hand during all your coaching sessions.



30+ Coaching Questions for Rapid Mindset Shifts

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