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Hi I'm Jennifer

But you can call me Jen

I am an NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, author, story teller, and an advocate for women in leadership. I am here to show you how to use the language of your mind to consistently achieve the things you want more of. Because when you take charge of your mind, you can have what you want, the way you want it!  

Take charge of your mind, so you can have what you want, the way you want it...



49 Ways to drop the armour and defuse the drama

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On the eve of turning 40, I walked away from my ‘perfect’ life which catapulted me into a quest to learn, unlearn and relearn all that I thought I knew. I've navigated entrepreneurial plains as a multiple business owner, solo parented two children, pioneered change for women abroad, succeeded as a competitive sportsperson and adventured globally.


What I discovered transformed the way I work, parent, love and live.


"No matter what life throws at you, you have the wisdom within to ALWAYS return to

being calm, centred, aligned and peaceful.

That is the place that the world needs you to live from. That is the place that holds your true voice.

 That is the place that holds the fullest expression of who you are here to be." 

- Jen



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